Welcome to MURAL ART Painting Studio

Feeling bored and tired of the blank space or wall ? How about having a full scale painting directly created onto the walls ? Wall paintings and 3d Mural art are very popular these days. Many artists are doing extraordinary good job by decorating cities. Have you ever saw such paintings?

sports theme resraurant  classic  princess cruise double effect invisible painting


Good news! Here at MURAL ART, we offer custom-designed wall murals in full, vivid colours to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you can imagine it, we can create it !

Our team of well trained and committed artists, who has years of experience in free form wall painting for places like hotels, offices, restaurant, shopping center, schools and residentials.

We will ensure that you will be able to enjoy this art work in Singapore and assured you of our service commitment the most articulated work and most important of all, a true value for your money.

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